Tuesday, July 9, 2013

All your free tools belong to us

Hello Guys ,

After publishing my last article, I thought it might be necessary to publish a special article about tools used in programming, development, reversing, penetration testing, so that any future article won't contain a direct link to the tools used inside, instead, I'm going to link this article as a reference.

Important Notes :
-If anyone have any suggestion/comment, feel free to contact me on:
secmania{at}hotmail{dot}com .
-All tools shared in here, are totally free.

Virtualization environment:

  • Vmware Player: A Virtualization tool used to simulate most OS.
  • Oracle Virtual Box: A Virtualization tool that works under GNU/GPL v2 License.
  • Qemu: A Intel x86 machine emulator.
Operating Systems:
  • Linux Kernel: A free, fast and secure Kernel.
  • BackTrack: A free penetration testing linux distro.
  • Knoppix: A live recovery linux distro.
  • ReactOS: A free, open source operating system based on Microsoft Windows NT architecture and compatible with windows drivers and applications.
  • OpenSolaris: A free, fast and stable OS made by Sun Microsystems.
  • JNode: A free OS almost written in Java.
  • Vim: A free, powerful command line text editor.
  • GNU Nano: A free, powerful command line text editor.
  • Notepad++: A free and powerful text editing tool for windows OS.
  • Bluefish: A free, open source and powerful text editor.
  • GNU Emacs: A free, open source and powerful text editor. 
  • Free Hex Editor: A free hex editor.
  • RTA: Hex and Assembly editor. 

Interpreted Languages:
Compiled Languages:
  • C Compilers:
  1. GCC
  2. LCC
  3. Bloodshed Dev-c++
  4. Borland Turbo C++
  • Java IDE's:
  1. Eclipse 
  2. Oracle Netbeans 
  3. JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA
  • Pascal Compilers:
  1. FreePascal
  2. GNU Pascal
  • C Sharp Compilers:
  1. ccompiler
  2. CSharp Mono
  • GAS: Linux GNU assembler.
  • NASM: Netwide assembler.
  • TASM: Turbo assembler.
  • FASM: Flat assembler.
  • ld : GNU Linker.

Web Server-side Languages:

Web Servers:
 Debuggers and disassemblers:
 Penetration testing Frameworks:
Network and web application penetration tools:
  • Burpsuite: Web application penetration testing tool.
  • Tor: Anonymous browser.
  • Scapy: Packets creating ,manipulating and editing tool.
  • Aircrack-ng: Wireless WEP/WAP-PSK 802.11 cracking tool.
  • Paros: Web application proxy tool.
  • Ettercap: Network packets sniffer tool.
  • TCPDump: Packet analyzer tool.
  • Kismet: Wireless sniffing tool.
  • Nessus: Web application and services auditing and pentesting tool.
  • Netcat: Network traffic intercepting tool using TCP/IP protocol.
  • Nmap: Network scanner tool.
  • Cain & Abel: Password recovery and network traffic intercepting tool.
  • Ethreal: Protocol development and troubleshooting tool.
  • Wireshark: Network protocol analyzer tool.
  • OpenVPN: VPN creation and connection tool.
Encryption tools:
Memory Analysers and Reverse Engineering tools:
Miscellaneous tools:

Happy Hunting.