Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Public a home-made server

Hey Guys,

Many days ago , i was trying to make my own FTP server on my main Desktop machine , and suffered of some problems , but fortunately they were fixed successfully .

I'm going to make that little walkthrough on how to public a home made server in such a way that all people around the world would access it and download from it.

PS:This method works on any port you need to open in your pc , just the difference will be in the port's number .

First ,you will need a program that will realize your server on your machine , for example , if you are using Microsoft Windows , you will have to install Microsoft Internet Information Services ( IIS ) , if you have a ubuntu machine ( or linux generally ) there is many programs for that like apache server, vsftpd and others .

Second step( actually THE MOST IMPORTANT step ), you will need to forward the port to your local machine ip address in your network , for example if you want to open port 21 , then you must launch your ADSL modem script ( which is always  your local machine ip address with '1' in the end , for example if your local ip address is  , then your ADSL modem script will be ) and then you will enter on Advanced tab ( for most modems )and choose " Port Forwarding " , some ADSL modems masks that option with the name "Virtual Server" , and you will enter the service name and your local ip address .
Example ::>
My ADSL modem is ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall router ( OfficeConnect/3Com ):

I've seen many ADSL modems that has the Virtual Server/Port Forwarding option under the advanced Tab , in my modem , it's under the Firewall Tab :

Then , we have to choose the service of the port if it is a popular one ( i mean NOT a backdoor if the user is a pentester or a security professional )

And as shown , i've entered the last number which is my local ip address ( ).
And that's all , now every packet will be sent to the ADSL modem IP Address will be redirected to your local machine which has the port of the packets redirected should be opened to receive packets .
Now all you have to do is that you have to public ftp://<WAN IP Address> ,
The WAN IP Address could be found on any of these sites :>
1)  Site One
2)  Site Two
3)  Site Three
If your WAN IP is then you will share your server like so :> << if your server is offering FTP services . << if your server is a usual http server .

Also you can give your ip a domain name , either a free one or a purchased one by pointing the domain to your ADSL Modem IP Address .